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Family operated Pandora Franchise owner group

Company Profile

The Michaels Group was developed in 2019 however the family has been in the jewelry industry for over 130 years.  Once jewelry wholesalers in Germany, Abraham Michaels set his sight on the American Dream and found himself in the great city of New York City.  

His son, Irving Sr. fell in love with Martha, a strong, vibrant woman many years ahead of her time.  Once a banker, in a time where many women did not work, she was brilliant and knew there was an opportunity in moving the Michaels' business into the world of retail. 

After moving to Connecticut where other family members resided, the Michaels opened the first retail location in New Haven. In 2019, the Michaels Family decided to part ways with the Michaels Jewelers business and focus on their growing pursuit of being Pandora Franchise owners.  Today, The Michaels group owns and operates 11 Pandora stores in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Arizona & New Mexio and proud to be run by 4th & 5th generation family members, Mark, Brittany & Lindsay Michaels.  

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